We Asked Some of Our “Women of Strength” For Their Thoughts On Being Part Of The Photo Project…

“I am grateful that I touched someone enough to think (of) me (as) a strong woman. I am humbled to be featured next to the others who all have amazing stories. I think I am resilient. I am a survivor. But I never thought about being strong for myself, unless it was for others who needed me.  Life is a wonderful, priceless gift we have only for today. If we never seek joy out, life passes us by without really making sense. All the strength I really need to have is the will to be thankful for every day.”   Holly Cekala – Executive Director at Hope for NH Recovery.

“I am honored to have been selected as a “Woman of Strength” in Scot Langdon’s photography project. One of several women’s “Portraits of Leadership, Moral Character And A Commitment To Giving Back.” Wow.  Very timely to honor women just now…”  Jackie Davis – Circus Arts Educator & Author

I am honored and humbled by this recognition. When I see a need, I do all I can to improve a situation. With the issue of long-term unemployment, I understand what people go through and the emotional toll it takes. Taking strategic action to help others is how I am successful in building someone’s self-esteem, introducing them to the appropriate people for help they need and for letting them know someone cares and will take immediate action. They are not alone. Thank you for this opportunity to be an example for others; to be myself and make a difference in others’ lives.”  Susan McNeill Spuhler – Rebuilding confidence for the unemployed

“[When asked to be a part of this project], I felt a bit of discomfort. I found it a bit awkward to be acknowledged. It was the same sort of wonder I feel when people tell me I inspire them, or encourage them, or that they think I’m strong – when I’m simply doing what I believe is right or important.  I agreed, because I also feel this [project] is something important and should be done. I believe that women need guidance, role models, and encouragement to overcome barriers and to make changes in the world they believe are possible.”  Kristina Ickes – Empowering women with financial literacy


*** In the spirit of surprise and presenting only the very best work, the images found here and in the Kickstarter campaign, are actual photos from the photo sessions, but are not the final images to be presented in the traveling show.

We asked our friends: “What are the characteristics of a ‘Woman of Strength’ that you would teach a young girl today, the ‘woman of strength’ of tomorrow? Here’s what they said…

“Unshakable courage with a never giving up spirit, compassionate, grounded, high self esteem, proactive, determined, patience with wisdom and kindness, an attitude of gratitude a must :)”


“Never subject yourself to crude men.”

“Being gracious, independent and always striving to be your best. Also, knowing the right context for apologies. Accepting yourself for who you are with all your strengths and imperfections.”

“Humility – number one:)”


“Keep logic on your side, as your best friend. Then Nobody can argue with you.”


“Speak your mind with grace and honesty. Never apologize for being you.”

“Don’t be afraid to try.”

“Do what you have to for survival…”

“Honesty, it IS her integrity.”

“Studious, they need to be taught to be well read! And Joyous, they need to learn how to embrace Joy in what they do with this life!”

“Be nice to other women.”

“Love of self. A girl who loves herself isn’t self centered, but rather surrounds herself with people who love her. They don’t believe horrible things about themselves unless they hear it from their own heart first. Words have power.  There are no mistakes, only paths that lead someplace new and a new decision is always possible. ”

“Emotional intelligence. How to define and state what she wants without basing her likes on someone else. Children are natural people pleasers. A strong woman knows how she gives and receives love. Can state what she wants without considering her wants on an outside force. She can own her feelings without taking on feelings of others.”

“To stand in her truth.”

“TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. They very rarely steer you in the wrong direction.”

“Be yourself and always just be yourself. Your life will be so much easier if you are comfortable in your own skin.”

“You are responsible for your own happiness.”

“Persist in pursuing your goals and dreams.”


“Know your weaknesses then put yourself in situations that will stimulate growth mentally, spiritually and emotionally.”

“Be kind. (And I agree with all of the above.)”